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Topic Rule New Rule Rationale
Personal  Equipment
Rule 2 Section 10
No additional facial protection may be worn other than ASTM approved goggles and mouthguard. Eliminates the use of devices that may not be proven to protect the face or that may cause injury to others and takes the responsibility of such approval from the umpires.
Pregame Rule 3, Section 11 Confirm with coaches the length of halftime. Add to list of pregame duties as outlined in Rule 4, Section 1.
Electronic Devices
Rule 3, Section 7
Electronic equipment may be used during play by coaches on the sideline or within the coaches’ area, non-­‐playing team members, athletic trainers and /or other individuals connected with the team, however such electronic equipment shall not be used to communicate with the 12 on-­‐field players or any other coach not present on the team sideline or coaches’ area.  
This allows coaching staffs to use computers, iPads, cell phones and other electronic devices for statistics, notes, etc. Violation of this rule will be coach misconduct.
Scorer's Duties Rule 3, Section 14 Scoring table to track timeouts taken per team Pertinent game information that should be recorded by the scorer.
Rule 5, Section 1
The number of players around the circle during a draw is shall be restricted to 3 players from each team for all levels. Increase the opportunity for the players to more cleanly and safely gain possession of the draw.
Illegal Use of the Crosse
Rule 6, Section 1g
If contact is made with a stick that is being held in a horizontal position, the foul shall be on the player who's stick is in that horizontal position.
Eliminate the use of the crosse in the horizontal position which makes contact with an opponent. Increases safety and clarifies space to which each player is entitled. A foul may still be called on a player who pushes, charges, or displaces the player with the horizontal stick. A throw would be taken for offsetting fouls.
Obstruction of Free Space to Goal
Rule 6, Section 1k
Note: This is not a rule change. It is a change in emphasis. The Rules Committee wanted to publicize this early to begin the education process. One of the conditions for this rule has been "looking to shoot" which is listed in the note following the rule. This has been taken literally which has caused enforcement issues. Therefore, a teaching emphasis shall added to consider whether or not an opportunity to shoot exists.  
Clarification of expectations of attack for application of Obstruction of Free Space rule. Players may safely shoot without looking, and simply looking does not mean that they are attempting to shoot.
Goal Circle Violation
Rule 7, Section 11
Goal circle foul by the attack shall be penalized with the goalie awarded the ball and the offending player placed 4m behind To align the penalty for the offense with the defense. Both offenders are now placed behind.
Goal Circle Violation
Rule 7, Section 11
Goal circle fouls by the defense, except illegal deputy, shall be administered at 8m goal line extended and lane (above the goal line) is cleared. Clearing the lane will prevent defensive players from being in the free space to goal during the penalty administration which helps eliminate a potential safety issue.
Penalty  Administration
Rule 7, Section 13
If a foul occurs within the 'pie shape area' between 8m arc and goal line extended the penalty will be administered at hanging hash mark.  
Speeds up and clarifies the penalty administration in this area.
Penalty  Administration
Rule 7, Section 2
The penalty administration for a foul shall be at the spot of the foul unless directed by rule or the spot of the foul is a disadvantage to the nonoffending team. This reverts to the long standing administration. Last year's change was not beneficial. This lines up with NCAA and FIL.
Ejection Rule 7, Section 33 The penalty time for a red card will be 4 minutes for all levels. To further enforce the power of the red card and send a clear message that flagrant, violent, and deliberate fouls are not acceptable.
Penalty  Administration
Rule 7, Section 4
Any major foul committed against the goal scorer or her teammate, whether a cardable foul or not, will be penalized. The game will be restarted with a free position at center for the team scoring the goal rather than with a draw.  
Currently only a cardable foul is penalized. Penalizing any major foul committed against the goal scorer or her teammate should create a safer playing environment.
Youth Coaching Area
U11 and U13 coaches must remain within their own coaching area, the area on the bench/table side of the field extending from their side of the substitution area to their end line, and even with the scorer's table extended (at least 4m from the sideline) and does not include the area directly behind the scorer's table  
This allows for better management of coaches as they must now stay on their half of the field.